Why should I have my house professionally cleaned?

  • It is safer - no slippery surfaces
  • It saves water
  • It saves you time
  • It saves you money
  • We get much better results
  • It helps your paint work last longer
  • It saves you from doing the hard yakka

Will my house be damaged by having it cleaned?

Absolutely not.
We use a soft-wash technique on the surface and stubborn dirt is removed with a low pressure gun. Where required, we use a bio-degradeable detergent.
As a further safeguard, Pressure Cleaning Services is fully insured

What type of materials can be cleaned?

All types of material can be cleaned using specific techniques. Obvious ones are concrete, pavers, walls - brick or fibro, sandstone comes up like new, tennis courts get a new lease of life.
The increasingly popular shade sail or awning also comes up very well, painted surfaces once cleaned make you wonder if they really do need painting again.

Do you use high pressure?

We only use high pressure on surfaces such as driveways, pavers, bricks, tiles etc.
Specialist equipment such as the "rotor wash" apply an even pressure to flat surfaces reducing the possibility of any damage

Which part of the building do you wash?

We can wash virtually anything at all - walls, gables, windows, fascia, eaves, the exterior surface of guttering and downpipes, or any other exterior area or structure that may need cleaning, such as carports, pebblecrete, retaining walls, colorbond and picket fences, awnings, roller shutters, mouldy bricks, pavers, concrete and sandstone.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary according to a number of factors including the size of the house or business and the amount of work to be done. After we inspect your property we provide a free quote. There is no obligation to go ahead with the job unless you are happy with the quote.

What is the situation with water restrictions?

Pressure Cleaning Services is exempt from all water restrictions and has a permit from Sydney Water stating this. Our permit number is 97347.

Are you restricted to the type of building you can clean?

Not really. We can wash small to large buildings. We have a Certificate of Competency allowing us to use hydrualic towers so high rise units are in scope.